Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Holiday Miscellany

Here's a nice way to start things off. A store in Nashville sold a woman a four year old turkey:


  1. She should have tried to sell it on eBay.

  2. Lauren Alaina flubs National Anthem at Green Bay vs Detroit NFL game:

  3. Here's Jordin Sparks from Kaleidoscope on Ice 2011 singing "The Cure:"

    And from 2009, David Archuleta's "Silent Night:"

  4. Here's David Archuleta talking about his new Christmas CD and PBS special, teaming up with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir:

  5. In this interview, Pia Toscano says her album will be coming out in January:

    This is exactly what I suspected, that American Idol would try to delay her album release until all the Top 4 got their albums out first. Idol wants to treat Pia like she's a #9, when she was really a Top 4. Pia was in position to release her album first, but Idol wants to play their silly games and release her album last. How lame of them.

  6. Here's video of Katharine McPhee covering "Beautiful" with the cast of SMASH:

  7. I have an odd festival this time because it's Pink's "F* Perfect" covered by guy drummers. The song is generally thought of as a girl-power song, and Pink has since had a daughter of her own, so it was kind of odd to find guy drummers covering it. However, the song was not meant to be for girls only.

    But why would I even notice guy drummers? Well, many years ago my drummer cousin had no place to put his drums, so he put them in our garage and practiced on a regular basis. So I got used to the sound of drums in the background. Here are some guy drummers covering the song:

    drums4lifee: Play
    tonycedillo: Play
    cddrummer97: Play
    jeremydavis47: Play

    I didn't put a link to the official Pink video, because it's controversial, disturbing and gory. But here's a "nice" version by the sisters Cimorelli: Play

  8. Back in Season 5, I thought of Kat McPhee as a Christina Aguilera wannabe. Kat had skill, but no power. But now, Christina looks so odd, I'll take Kat. Kat looks good.


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