Thursday, February 28, 2013

Season 12 Week 7 Thursday Reactions

Season 12 Week 7 Thursday - Vegas IV

Last 10 Guys.

Mathenee Treco - Bahamas. Song & Dance. Good, but somehow not compelling.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin - Indian Sikh. Yellow. Lazy. Didn't go anywhere.

Vincent Holiday - Funny looking. Old looking. Backup singer. But can sing. How unfortunate. Get a toupee.

Nick Boddington - Very high voice. Skilled. Smooth. Good.

Josh Holiday - Cattle farm. Original song. Skilled. Not bad.

David Oliver Willis - Foster home. Very plain.

Bryant Tadeo - Filipino from Hawaii. So why a New York state of mind? Big mistake.

Burnell Taylor - Lost 40 pounds. Sounded interesting at first. Then fizzled a bit.

Lazaro Arbos - Keith Urban song. Struggling a bit.

Cortez Shaw - High voice. Very good.


David - No.
Bryant - No. No Filipino guy has ever made the Top 10.
Vincent - Yes.
Mathenee - No.
Lazaro - Yes. Boo.
Cortez - Yes.
Josh - No.
Burnell - Yes.

Nick vs Gurpreet? Gurpreet is lame. Gurpreet No, Nick Yes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Season 12 Week 7 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 7 Wednesday - Vegas III

10 more girls.

Melinda Ademi - Beat by Thia Megia last time. Purple thighs. Good enough.

Candice Glover - Beat by Jessica and Deandre last time. Good.

Juliana Chahayed - 15. Very live mic. Pretty, but weak. Too much baby.

Jett Hermano - Another Filipino. Piano. Good.

Cristabel Clack - 29. Three kids. Seemed to run out of gas and overcompensated.

Aubrey Cleland - Pretty. Good, but thin. Looks good, though.

Rachel Hale - Smiley is back. Okay.

Breanna Steer - Not distinctive enough.

Janelle Aurthur - Kind of blah, just sat there. Lady Antebellum. No wonder. Hillary Scott is an Idol reject.

Zoanette Johnson - Liberian. Well, she's good for that one song. Only.


This was a fairly unimpressive group.

Zoanette - Yes. Gag.
Melinda Ademi - No. Boo.
Juliana Chahayed - No. Young.
Aubrey Cleland - Yes.
Cristabel Clack - No. Old.
Candice Glover - Yes. Duh.
Jett Hermano - No.
Breanna Steer - Yes.

Rachel vs Janelle: Rachel No, Janelle Yes.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Season 12 Week 6 Thursday Reactions

Season 12 Week 6 Thursday - Vegas II

10 Guys.

Paul Jolley - Crybaby. Not bad.

Johnny Keyser - Too much backup singer. Not bad.

JDA - Tranny. Nice performance, but not a nice voice.

Kevin Harris - High voice. Thins out. Too much backup singer. Okay.

Chris Watson - Odd voice. Unpleasant.

Devin Velez - Shouldn't have changed keys up. Good enough.

Elijah Liu - Mexican-Chinese, a bit like Bruno Mars. Very high voice. And sings a Bruno Mars song. Okay. Bruno Mars is Puerto Rican-Filipino.

Charlie Askew - Golf club. Mic twirl. Shaky like an old man, not a rocket man. More like an old woman. Lame.

Jimmy Smith - Country boy. Okay.

Curtis Finch, Jr. - Gospel guy. Sleepy. Corny.


Curtis - Yes.
Jimmy Smith - No.
Kevin - No.
Elijah - Yes.
JDA - No. Relief.
Paul Jolley - Split decision. Iovine: Yes.
Chris - No.
Charlie - Yes? Boo!

Johnny vs Deven - Johnny ousted again. Both times in Vegas.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Season 12 Week 6 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 6 Wednesday - Vegas I

Top 40.

Sudden death, one song.

10 tonight.

Jenny Beth Willis - Country girl. Competent only.

Tenna Torres - Camp Mariah. Very nice.

Adriana Latonio - Alaska. Filipino like Jessica Sanchez. Very good.

Brandy Hotard - Valerie Bertinelli. Okay.

Shubha Vedula - Pretty good. Somewhat lacking.

Kamaria Ousley - Background singer. Off key. Struggling. Not good.

Kree Harrison - Demo singer in Nashville. Frumpy. Okay.

I'm not sure why the judges think she's so great. I don't get it at all.

Angela Miller - Very good.

Isabelle - Large Fergie. Oversung.

Amber Holcomb - Very good.


Jenny - No.
Brandy - No.
Tenna - Yes.
Kree - Yes. Needs a makeover.
Isabelle - No.
Angela - Yes.
Kamaria - No.
Amber - Yes.

Adriana vs Shubha - Adriana Yes.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Season 12 Week 5 Thursday Reactions

Season 12 Week 5 Thursday - Hollywood IV

47 Girls.

Angela Miller - Orig song, amazing. Standing O.

Candice Glover - Good enough.

Janelle Miller - Country girl. Good.

Zoanette Johnson - Beat nut. Drumming. Made up song. About Idol. Lost stick. Slow down beat. Wail.

Jet? (little asian),
Zoanette -

Welcome to the Zoanette Zone. Ugh.

Shubha Vedula - Good, but a bit thin.

Juliana Chahayed - Nicey.

Kez Ban - Mall trip with Zoanette. Odd attraction. Orig song. Short. Ousted immed. Gets boom job.

Ashlee Feliciano - Sounds ill. High notes.

Melinda Ademi - Good fun.

Kree Harrison - No parents. So-so.

Melinda -

Ashlee, Briana, Selena - No.

24 Girls. Need 20.

Ariel - Ousted.


Stephanie (porcelain doll) - Good.

Rachel (happy) - So-so.

Stephanie - Ousted. Boo!

Guys next.

28 guys.


Adam Sanders - Ugly. Awful.

Josh Holiday - So-so. Rips pants.

David Leathers (repeat),
Adam -

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Season 12 Week 5 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 5 Wednesday - Hollywood Week III

Girls this week.

Lines of 10.

Mariah Pulice - Not bad.

Angela Miller - Good. Skilled.

Victoria Acosta - Still loud mariachi style.

Angela, Victoria - yes.

Mariah - no.

Ashley Smith,
Ann Difani (Miss UofA),
Sarah - no.

Rachel Hale (country joy girl) - Good.

Janelle Arthur (country girl) - Strong.

Janelle, Rachel - yes.

Candice Glover (big) - Big.

Megan Miller (crutches girl) - Okay.

Candice, two others - yes.

Megan - no.

Isabelle - Great. yes.

Kez Ban (nut) - Howl.

Briana Oakley - Good.

Whole line of 4 - yes.

Ashlee, Melinda - yes.

Dumb Groups coming up.

Kez Ban a problem immediately. Surprise. But a good song.

Zoanette Johnson a problem. Surprise.

Candice group -
Kamaria Ousley,
Melinda Ademi,
Candice Glover,
Denise Jackson -
yes to all.

Boots group -
Morgan Leigh Boberg,
Lauren Mink,
Brandy Hotard,
Other -
yes to all.

Savannah Votion,
Liz Weiss,
Daysia Hall,
J'Leigh Chauvin -

Daysia - yes.
Others - no. Should have been all no.

Drama group -
Kriss Mincey,
Janel (nutcase) Stinney,
Cristabel Clack,
Other ("whistle tone girl") -
all yes.

Shubha Vedula,
Aubrey Cleland -
missed it, maybe it was Shubha yes.

Seretha Guinn,
Tenna Torres,
Kiara Lanier,
Other -

Seretha - no.
Others - yes.

Zoanette group -
Erin Christine,
Zoanette Johnson,
Lauren Bettes,
Isabelle -

Lauren - no.
Others - yes.
Zoanette is hideous.

Hopeless group -
Wandering lost member (Liz) -
Shira Gavrielov,
Alisha Dixon,
Liz Bills,
Courtney Calle -

Liz - yes,
Others - no.
It pays to be nuts.

Porcelain doll group -
Morning song change -
Stephanie Schimal (doll),
Alex Delaney,
Kalli Therinae,
Holly Miller -

Stephanie, Holly - yes.
Others - no.

Hand writing epidemic.

Breakdown group -
Britnee Kellogg,
Kree Harrison,
Brandy Neelly,
Haley Davis (hand job) -

Britnee - yes.

Brandy - no? Very odd choices.

Kez group -
Kez Ban (nuts),
Breanna Steer,
Angela Miller,
Janelle Arthur -
yes to all.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Season 12 Week 4 Thursday Reactions

Season 12 Week 4 Thursday - Hollywood II

Picking the Top 20 Guys. Out of 43.

Paul Jolley - Breaking down. Nervous. Good. Still nervous, annoying.

Lazaro Arbos - Good. Didn't talk, good.

Curtis Finch, Jr. - Overacting.

Curtis -

Others no, didn't show them.

Devin Velez - Odd looking. Good.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin - Turban, Beard, Georgia. Okay.

Cortez Shaw - Good.

Matheus Fernandes - Short man. Okay. Nicki "pity party."

Adam Sanders -

Matheus and others no.

Nicholas Mathis - Obese. Poor job. Overacting.

Papa Peachez - Nicki don't like song. Lazy singing.

Jimmy Smith - Not quite on.

Nicholas, Papa - No.

Jimmy, Johnny Keyser, Other - Yes.

Nick Boddington - Bald, very high voice. Good.

Charlie Askew - Jumping jacks. Leads with a story into the song. Thin. A bit weak.

JDA (tranny),
Charlie -

Others no.

Burnell Taylor - Not great. Yes.
Marvin Calderon - Not great. Yes.

Micah Johnson (tonsil man) - Okay. No.

Gabe Brown (big rocker),
Nate Tao -

28 guys? 8 need to be cut.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Season 12 Week 4 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 4 Wednesday - Hollywood Week I

20 guys, 20 girls will make it through.

Guys this week.

Line of 10 guys.
Micah Johnson (tonsil man) yes.
4 through total.

Nate Tao yes.
Gabe Brown yes.
Gurpreet Singh Sarin (turban man) yes.

Karl Skinner no.
Dustin Watts (fireman!) no.
Calvin Peters (doctor!) no.

Cortez Shaw - conflict (Nicki hates), yes.

Curtis Finch, Jr. (gospel man) - yes.
Frankie Ford - yes.

Lazaro Arbos (stammer man) - should just shut up and sing, wastes too much time. yes.

Trevor Blankney - yes.
Bryant Tadeo - yes.
Charles Allen - yes.

Brian Rittenberry (fatman) - split, no.

Groups up next.

Groups picked by producers. Something I've been suggesting for years, ending the fake drama of wandering contestants.

List of 20 songs available.

But producers seem to have picked some groups for the sake of comedy. And hey, instant drama. Clap, clap, clap.

First group:
Nick Boddington
Manthenee Treco
Matheus Fernandes (shortman)
Gabe Brown (big rocker)
All yes.

Next group:
Johnny Keyser - forgets lyrics, yes anyway.
Kareem Clark - no.
Other two yes.

Next group:
Curtis Finch, Jr. (mean guy)
Charlie Askew (misfit)
Other guy
All yes.

Next group:
Micah Johnson
Marvin Calderon
David Willis
Other guy
All yes.

Next group:
Zach Birnbaum
Nate Tao
Cortez Shaw
Elijah Liu
All yes.

Epidemic of lost lyrics:
Bad group.
Bad group - two through.
Bad group - all four through (incl turban man).

This shows the advantage of knowing how to speak in tongues.

Bad group:
Jason Jones
Dan Wood
Jessie Lawrence
Other guy
No to all.

Acapella group:
Devan Jones - yes.
Devin Valez - yes.
Adrian - yes.
Other guy - no.

Next group:
Tony Foster, Jr. - yes.
Mario Jose - no.
Burnell Taylor - yes.
Darien Moses - no.

Next group:
Josh Stephens - no.
Scott Fleenor - no.
Christian Lopez - yes.
Lazaro Arbos - yes.

Unfair. The guys should have left Lazaro and his dumb stammer act out in the cold.

Comedy group:
Lee Pritchard - no.
JDA (tranny) - yes.
Joel Wayman - yes.
Trevor Blakney (sarge) - no.

Next group:
David Leathers (repeat) - yes.
Kevin Quinn - no.
Kayden Stephenson (the kid) - no.
Sanni M'Mairura - yes.

Last group:
Papa Peachez - yes, barely.
Adam Sanders - yes.
Frankie Ford - unstable, no.
Charles Allen - yes.

Even with producer-picked groups, groups still accomplish nothing in terms of finding the next American Idol. They're just an idiotic waste of time.

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