Thursday, January 31, 2013

Season 12 Week 3 Thursday Reactions

Season 12 Week 3 Thursday - Oklahoma City

Karl Skinner - Bus tour pickup. Skinny guy with fat wife. High energy. Can sing a bit. Yes? I guess.

Nate Tao - Asian? Deaf parents. Sign language. A bit thin, but good job. Yes.

Halie Hilburn - Girl and hand puppet dog. Ventriloquist. Can actually sing. Loses puppet. Sings alone. Yes. Except Randy. Dog trashed. I guess Randy didn't want to be replaced.

Zoanette Johnson - Monster. Forgets words. Helped by Mariah. Keith falls out of his seat. Zoanette wails, stomps. Yes? Be careful what you ask for.

Anastacia Freeman - Big buildup for nothing. Sent by God. Return to sender.

Kayden Stephenson - 16 looks like little kid. Cystic fibrosis. Sings like a little kid. Yes? I guess.

Steven Tyler in drag.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Season 12 Week 3 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 3 Wednesday - San Antonio, Los Angeles

San Antonio:

Vincent Powell - Funny looking. Looks middle aged. Good voice. Yes.

Derek & David Bacerott - Brothers. Lameness is genetic. So is stupidity. No.

Savannah Votion - Single mother. Belly button. Good voice. Power. Yes.

Ricky Jo Garcia - Trash. No.

Cristabel Clack - Worship leader. Three kids. 29. Skilled. Yes.

Ann Difani - Miss Something. Razorback. Nominated by hubbie. Not bad for a skinny beauty. Yes.

Victoria Acosta - Mariachi singer. Sings loud, like a mariachi singer. Much better at Mariachi. Yes.

Papa Peachez - Black woman in skinny white boy. Original song. Gay. Big voice for a skinny boy. Split vote. Randy switches. Yes.

Sanni M'mairura - African parents. Dancer. Good enough. Yes.

Adam Sanders - High voice. Skilled. Visually unappealing. Let the Adam Lambert jokes begin.

Los Angeles on the Queen Mary (Long Beach):

Two guy judges only.

Shuba Vedula - Big voice for a skinny girl. Yes.

Mariah shows up.

Brian Martinez - Looks like a cadaver. Perfect for a zombie movie. Dead. No.

Matt Farmer - IED explosion Kuwait. Daughter. Strong projection. Yes.

Stephanie Sanson - Purple hair. Band. Possessed by demons. No.

Nicki arrives.

Jesaiah Baer - Captain wannabe. Stylized singer. Alarm sounds. Abandon ship. Small fire. Good singer. Yes.

Micah Johnson - Tonsillectomy gone wrong. Nerve damage. Speech problems. But singing not affected. Good. Yes.

Rachel Hale - Yet another skinny girl with strong voice. Overfilled with happiness. Yes.

Briana Oakley - Sang on Maury. Then got bullied. Maury is poison. Good. Nicki stuck on wow. Yes.

Matheus Fernandes - Medical mystery. Just short. Good. Yes.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Season 12 Week 2 Thursday Reactions

Season 12 Week 2 Thursday - Baton Rouge

Megan Miller - Crutch microphone. Good. Yes.

Charlie Askew - Misfit. Thin, odd projection. Broadway version of Edward Scissorhands. Yes.

Maddie Assel - Nominated by grandma. Thin, odd delivery. Yes.

Paul Jolley - Thin guy. Okay. Yes.

Christopher Barthel - Cartoon character. Touched by an angel? Just Nicki. No.

Dr. Calvin Peters - Physical rehab specialist. Good. Yes.

Michelle Montezeri.
Breanna Steer.
Brandy Hotard.

Dustin Watts - The fireman cometh. Very country projection. Yes. Given many females have fireman fantasies, and this guy is pretty good, can Dustin Watts be beat?

Burnell Taylor - Singers in the family. Made Mariah cry. Yes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Season 12 Week 2 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 2 Wednesday - Charlotte

Naomi Morris - Wears it better than she sings it. No.

Joel Nemoyer - Moves well. Flat on his back. Down for the count. No.

Brian Rittenberry - Big fat guy. Fat family. Big fat voice. Yes.

Jimmy Smith - High country voice. Good. Yes.

Sarina-Joi Crowe.
Haley Davis.
Na'chelle Fullins-Lovell.

Matthew Muse - Karaoke Brad Paisley space case. No.

Isabel Gonzalez - Nominated by aunt. Visted by Randy. Funny vocal delivery. Pretty enough. Yes.

Taisha Bethea - Black girl alt rocker? Confusing. Split decision. Decided by Keith. Yes.

Summer Cunningham - Strong. Country soul. Yes. But Nicki gets annoyed by long boring panel discussion. Starts a fight. Walks out.

But Nicki comes back the next day to avoid breach of contract.

Brandy Hamilton - Walks into judges' hornets nest. Navy reserve. Settles the panel down. Yes.

Ashley Smith - Black girl with blond wig. Hyper. But can sing. Yes.

Janelle Arthur - Totally country. Skilled. Yes.

Rodney Barber - The Voice of Charlotte. Street singer. Good. Yes.

Candice Glover - Back for more. Big girl with plus-sized voice. Yes.

Ja'Bria Barber - Bullfrog cannibal. Good. Yes.

Brad Harris - Nutcase. No.

Seretha Guinn - Daughter. High voice. Yes.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Season 12 Week 1 Thursday Reactions

Season 12 Week 1 Thursday - Chicago

Mackenzie Wasner - Experienced, country. Yes.

Austin Earles - Bad. No.

Kiara Lanier - Sang for Obama. Very tall. Yes.

Stephanie Schimel - Looks like a porcelain doll. Yes, except for Nicki.

Melissa Bush - Misguided. No.

Gabe Brown - Big screaming rocker. Just shouting away. Yes.

Kevin Navity - Lyrics on screen. Fast mouth. No.

Isabelle Parell - Doesn't look 15. Throwback. Yes, except for Randy.

Griffin Peterson - Got Nicki's attention before he sang, and after. Yes, except for Randy.

Curtis Finch, Jr. - Gospel. Yes.

Mariah Pulice - Anorexic. Crying. Yes.

Brandy Neelly - Country girl. Strong. Yes.

Josh Holiday - Piercing. Yes.

Courtney Williams - Yes.
Andrew Jones - Yes.

Clifton Duffin - Hidden talent? I guess. Yes.

Ieisha Cotton - Dancer. Not a singer. No.

Johnny Keyser - Back for more. Yes.

Kez Ban - Street performer. Looks worn out, homeless. Yes.

Ashley Curry - Musical theater student. Flunked. No.

Lazaro Arbos - Serious stutterer. Except when singing. Yes.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Season 12 Week 1 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 1 Wednesday - New York

Michael Buonopane - No.

Tenna Torres - Camp Mariah. Skilled, but a bit thin. Yes.

James Bae - Asian dork. no. Nicki shows some odd but genuine empathy for him.

Christina "Isabelle" - Big, strong. Berklee trained. Yes.

Evan Ruggiero - Dancer, cancer survivor, amputee. Did better with Bon Jovi. No.

Jessica Kartalis - Nominated by mother. Screwed up guitar. No.

Shira Gavrielov - From Israel. Yes.

Frankie Ford - Adopted. Sings on the train. Nervous. Black guy singing Eurythmics. Yes.

Benjamin Gaisey - Nut, noisy clothes. No.

Rozanna Shindelman - Doesn't sing in front of people. Nice preparation. No.

Sarah Restuccio - Rides like Skylar Laine. And raps as well. Yes.

Albert Chang - Horrible speaking voice. And it gets worse.

Angela Miller - Hearing loss. But not tone deaf. Good. Yes.

Brett Holt - American Idol trivia guy. Multiple auditions. Bad. No.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin - Turban, beard. Turbanator. Yes.

Ashlee Feliciano - Yes.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Phillip Phillips GOLD

According to Soundscan, Phillip Phillips' debut album "World From The Other Side Of The Moon" is now Gold.

Soundscan reports sales of 98K in the 5th week and 58K in the 6th week bringing the total about 533K, where gold in the US is 500K.

HDD is estimating another 63K for the 7th week, so Phillip is not done yet.

To me Soundscan is more legit than RIAA certification, because RIAA looks at items shipped, not actual sales, whereas Soundscan is based on actual sales.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Siobhan Magnus Rings In New Year

Here is Siobhan Magnus performing at The International Resort in Bolton, MA, at their New Year's Eve party, singing "Hold On, I'm Comin':"

Siobhan performed several songs, captured, as usual, by user metrowest100. The event was sold out.

And here is the same video, except I added some cheap MIDI horns:

And here is Siobhan's "Over The Rainbow." This is a very unusual version because she sings it much higher than the original, then sings it mostly in a baby falsetto. Yet the last note she uses natural voice to convey anguish. This shows again the extreme versatility of Siobhan Magnus:

AEvangelista - American Idol Blog