Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Season 12 Week 3 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 3 Wednesday - San Antonio, Los Angeles

San Antonio:

Vincent Powell - Funny looking. Looks middle aged. Good voice. Yes.

Derek & David Bacerott - Brothers. Lameness is genetic. So is stupidity. No.

Savannah Votion - Single mother. Belly button. Good voice. Power. Yes.

Ricky Jo Garcia - Trash. No.

Cristabel Clack - Worship leader. Three kids. 29. Skilled. Yes.

Ann Difani - Miss Something. Razorback. Nominated by hubbie. Not bad for a skinny beauty. Yes.

Victoria Acosta - Mariachi singer. Sings loud, like a mariachi singer. Much better at Mariachi. Yes.

Papa Peachez - Black woman in skinny white boy. Original song. Gay. Big voice for a skinny boy. Split vote. Randy switches. Yes.

Sanni M'mairura - African parents. Dancer. Good enough. Yes.

Adam Sanders - High voice. Skilled. Visually unappealing. Let the Adam Lambert jokes begin.

Los Angeles on the Queen Mary (Long Beach):

Two guy judges only.

Shuba Vedula - Big voice for a skinny girl. Yes.

Mariah shows up.

Brian Martinez - Looks like a cadaver. Perfect for a zombie movie. Dead. No.

Matt Farmer - IED explosion Kuwait. Daughter. Strong projection. Yes.

Stephanie Sanson - Purple hair. Band. Possessed by demons. No.

Nicki arrives.

Jesaiah Baer - Captain wannabe. Stylized singer. Alarm sounds. Abandon ship. Small fire. Good singer. Yes.

Micah Johnson - Tonsillectomy gone wrong. Nerve damage. Speech problems. But singing not affected. Good. Yes.

Rachel Hale - Yet another skinny girl with strong voice. Overfilled with happiness. Yes.

Briana Oakley - Sang on Maury. Then got bullied. Maury is poison. Good. Nicki stuck on wow. Yes.

Matheus Fernandes - Medical mystery. Just short. Good. Yes.

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