Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Season 12 Week 14 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 14 Wednesday - Top 5


1. Candice Glover
2. Kree Harrison
3. Angela Miller
4. Amber Holcomb
5. Janelle Arthur


Songs from Year of Birth:

Candice Glover - Very nice acoustic version.

Janelle Arthur - Nice, but sleepy.

Kree Harrison - Good, but not compelling.

Angela Miller - Nice job. Nice finesse at the beginning.

Amber Holcomb - Great vocal ability, but kind of choppy, struggling.

Songs of Divas:

Candice Glover - Very nice. Song is more difficult than it seems. Just ask David Archuleta and Siobhan Magnus.

Janelle Arthur - Should I say dumb song choice?

Kree Harrison - Fine job on this one.

Angela Miller - She would have been better off with the variant of that song, Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone."

Amber Holcomb - Very well done, but why that song?

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