Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Season 12 Week 16 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 16 Wednesday - Top 4 again


1. Candice Glover
2. Angela Miller
3. Kree Harrison
4. Amber Holcomb


Songs from 2013:

Angela Miller - Very cool. Last week, she was pushing too hard, losing her tone. This time she didn't force it, and it was cool.

Amber Holcomb - I mean, it's just a vocal exercise with her. She doesn't really get it.

Candice Glover - Bruno's version annoys me. This was just fine.

Kree Harrison - Nice job, she but could have picked a more known song.


Angela Miller - She's so finesse this week. But maybe too finesse for this song. But still good.

Amber Holcomb - Very nice. Very old-school good.

Candice Glover - Great job. Stellar.

Kree Harrison -  Somehow a little bland. Not stormy enough.

Group song - time filler

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