Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Season 11 - A DialIdol Nailbiter

Season 11 Final Two - Phillip vs Jessica
A DialIdol Nailbiter

Looking at DialIdol at the beginning of west coast voting, Phillip was ahead of Jessica by 6.3. Over the next four hours, Phillip's lead shrank, and by the end of voting, his lead was only 1.38.

That makes this race the second closest in DialIdol history, second only to Kris vs Adam separated by 1.1.

DialIdol has correctly predicted the winner since Season 5, but it has had a very spotty season this season. Can Jessica's text voting army beat the DialIdol prediction?

Here are the past margins:

Taylor vs Katharine 8.5
Jordin vs Blake 14.7
Cook vs Archuleta 11.8
Kris vs Adam 1.1
Lee vs Crystal 4.4
Scotty vs Lauren 8.1

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