Thursday, June 28, 2012

More On Branson Group II

Here's a review of Branson Group II by local resident J.C. Wert:

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Unfortunately, he wasn't able to sneak a video camera into the theater.

And here's a radio interview with Scott Savol, Siobhan Magnus and Alexis Grace, where Siobhan lets loose and vents on Simon Cowell's attitude during Season 9:

What an outburst by Siobhan when the others (including the DJ) were glowing about him. Siobhan would have none of it. But Simon has admitted to being out of it because he was putting X Factor together. I was trashing Kara DioGuardi even more on the blogs. Kara said some of the dumbest things to Siobhan that I've ever heard from a judge.

And here's Ace Young & Diana DeGarmo:

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