Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jessica Sanchez in "Miss Saigon" Movie?

This article from the Manila Bulletin says that Jessica Sanchez is in the running to play the lead role of Kim in the film adaptation of the Broadway Musical "Miss Saigon." The role of Kim was made famous by Philippine star Lea Salonga over 20 years ago.

The article also says that Charice and Thia Megia were also being considered:

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I don't think that Charice should even be considered given she's not very good looking. Thia Megia's voice might be a bit low and kind of jazzy for the role. Even Jessica's voice with her R&B leanings and sometimes wide vibrato is not ideal, but Jessica has shown she can change her voice as needed.

Here's Lea Salonga on a 1989 TV show recreating the "Sun and Moon" song and scene from "Miss Saigon:"

The video was originally uploaded by user mimibarthez, but I downloaded it so I could boost the volume, which was very low.

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