Friday, September 14, 2012

Simon Cowell Gets Beat Up

Simon Cowell and his X Factor took a beating this week despite bringing on Britney Spears for $15 million and young Demi Lovato. On Wednesday night, X Factor got beat by The Voice 10.5 million to just 7.5 million. X Factor moved up to 9.5 million after The Voice finished. But then on Thursday, X Factor got beat by the America's Got Talent Finale 10.6 million to 8.3 million.

Personally, I am surprised that more people did not tune in to check out Britney and Demi, who weren't bad at all, but Carla Hay of says she predicted all long that hiring Britney was a bad idea:

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It's too early to write off X Factor. The Voice might overdo it and start annoying people, and AGT is done for the season. On the other hand, I watched some of X Factor Tuesday and quickly got annoyed by it.

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