Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Defense of Heejun Han

In defense of Heejun Han, let's not forget that it was Idol who gave him all that air time which introduced us to his deadpan comedy in the first place. He didn't twist their arms, they were the ones who unleashed him upon the world. They cannot now be angry that he's still the way he is, when he's been that way all along.

We all know he's not going to be a recording artist anyway, so why not let him use Idol to showcase his comedic talents for possible future roles in sitcoms and such. The music industry is not in great shape anyway, so what's the point in taking it so seriously.

Update: I am now of the opinion that Heejun was Not really in the Bottom Three. Idol just put him there to make him think America did not appreciate his antics, when in fact much of America did. I believe that Elise was in the bottom as usual, and Heejun actually got a lot of votes.

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