Thursday, March 1, 2012

Season 11 Your Top 13 Reactions

Jeremy Rosado out. He was borderline.
Chase Likens out. Easy out.
Phillip Phillips IN. Easy in.

Brielle Von Hugel out. Yay.
Hallie Day out. Was borderline.
Hollie Cavanagh IN. Tiny blonde in.
Jessica Sanchez IN. Tiny asian in.

Joshua Ledet IN. Easy choice.
Heejun Han IN. Iovine needs to lighten up.
Adam Brock out. Yay.

Shannon Magrane IN. Tall girl in.
Skylar Laine IN. Not in for her voice.
Baylie Brown out. Oh well.
Chelsea Sorrell out. Was borderline.

Aaron Marcellus out. Easy out.
Creighton Fraker out. Good.
Reed Grimm out. Good.

Haley Johnsen out.
Erika Van Pelt out.
Elise Testone IN. Probably due to Iovine.
Jen Hirsh out. For now.

Deandre Brackensick out. Sad.
Colton Dixon IN. Okay.
Eben Franckewitz out. Too young.
Jermaine Jones IN. Fan fave.

Wildcard contestants sing:

Jen Hirsh. Much better than her Adele.
Jeremy Rosado. Nice job. Very nice.
Brielle Von Hugel? Terrible choice. Terrible Adele.
Deandre Brackensick. Disjointed. He's too young for his talent.
Erika Van Pelt. Voice still stuck in her chest.
Reed Grimm. Oh no. Maybe good for the tour.

Judges choices:

Randy: Erika Van Pelt?
Jennifer: Jeremy Rosado. Of course.
Steve: Deandre Brackensick. Good.

It's shocking that Jen Hirsh is not in there.

Even more shocking that Johnny Keyser was not given a chance.

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