Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Season 12 Week 10 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 10 Wednesday - Top 9


1. Janelle Aurthur
2. Kree Harrison
3. Candice Glover
4. Amber Holcomb
5. Angela Miller
6. Paul Jolley
7. Devin Velez
8. Burnell Taylor
9. Lazaro Arbos


The Beatles

Charlie vs Aubrey: Aubrey - for Tour only.

Kree Harrison - Well, I said she reminded me of an opera singer, and she gave it the big operatic treatment.

Burnell Taylor - I just don't like his so-called unique tone. Sang it okay only.

Amber Holcomb - Odd song choice, but well sung, interesting spin.

Lazaro Arbos - Should've sung Yellow Submarine.

Candice Parker - Good, but needed a little more edge to it.

Paul Jolley - Well sung, but too softy, no edge, annoying falsetto.

Angela Miller - Is this the same girl? This was like the musical theater version, instead of the singer-songwriter version.

Devin Velez - I just couldn't get into the arrangement.

Janelle Aurthur - How'd she do that? #1.

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