Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Season 12 Week 8 Tuesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 8 Tuesday - Top 20 I

Top 10 Girls.


1. Candice Glover
2. Tenna Torres
3. Kree Harrison
4. Angela Miller
5. Amber Holcomb
6. Adriana Latonio
7. Breanna Steer
8. Janelle Aurthur
9. Aubrey Cleland
10. Zoanette Johnson


Zoanette Johnson - Mic sounds bad. So does she.

Breanna Steer - Smooth and exotic.

Aubrey Cleland - Dang. The song is over her head. Hate to see pretty go.

Janelle Aurthur - It's like she's holding back too much. Kind of frustrating.

Tenna Torres - Very good.

Angela Miller - Good, but could have done more with it.

Amber Holcomb - It's like she's still learning how to sing like that.

Kree Harrison - Kat McPhee's mother coaching. Pretty good.

Adriana Latonio - Okay.

Candice Glover - Skilled. Pro. Best.

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