Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Season 12 Week 8 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 8 Wednesday - Top 20 II

Top 10 Guys.


1. Paul Jolley
2. Curtis Finch, Jr.
3. Devin Velez
4. Elijah Liu
5. Cortez Shaw
6. Nick Boddington
7. Burnell Taylor
8. Lazaro Arbos
9. Vincent Powell
10. Charlie Askew


Elijah Liu - Good, but didn't show enough. Just kind of sat there.

Cortez Shaw - Tough song, but he doesn't quite have the precision to execute it.

Charlie Askew - Very theatrical, but his voice is too thin and shallow for it.

Nick Boddington - Kind of shaky. Not strong or solid enough.

Burnell Taylor - His voice and style are just not very appealing.

Paul Jolley - Very good.

Lazaro Arbos - Bad choice. Muddled. Unremarkable.

Curtis Finch, Jr. - He's pretty good, but he just looks and acts so corny.

Devin Velez - Not bad. Not much going on with the song though.

Vincent Powell - Mr. Potato Head. Struggling. What happened to him? Sandpaper.

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