Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Season 11 Week 1 Wednesday Reactions

David Leathers is amazing, but it's disconcerting that puberty doesn't seem to have kicked in yet. What will he be like when it does?

Gabi Carruba needs to be on the show because we always need a pretty girl who can sing and dance.

Jessica Whitely has monster power, like Frankenstein.

Shaun Kraisman just assured that Ryan Seacrest is leaving.

Shannon Magrane needs to be on the show because we always need a 6-foot tall pretty girl who sings okay.

Tent Girl Amy Brumfield would have fit right in with the Occupy Los Angeles crowd, but they've already been kicked out.

Stephanie Renae has potential, but Randy was right to say no. She just turned 15 and needs work.

Colton and Schyler Dixon are both good enough for another look. Lauren Mink is good enough for another try as well.

Mawuena Kodjo should be deported soon.

Ashlee Altise has entertainment value and is worth another look.

W.T. Thompson should go to prison for quitting his job. His dream trip to Hollywood will be short-lived.

Brittany Kerr looks a little like Britney Spears. Always send the sexy girl if she can sing even a little.

Phillip Phillips is a confused young man. I was expecting a Scotty type but instead he sang Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. But looks like another white guy will win American Idol.

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  1. It's over! Phillip Phillips will win Season 11. Nobody has a chance against a Southern white boy with guitar who can sing the heck out of a song like he can. It's over already on day one.


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