Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Season 11 Week 2 Wednesday Reactions

Music teacher Jenni Schick is so hyper, I wonder if she can sit still for a ballad.

Curtis Gray has a good voice, but his delivery was so sleepy, I'm surprised Randy liked him. Maybe Randy is getting old.

Richie Law's voice is deeper than Scotty McCreery's. But it's too deep. Scary even.

Poor Tealana Hedgespeth apparently got the wrong egg and should have sent her twin instead.

Haley Smith likes Apsen so much, she might have mental problems in Hollywood. Unless she likes the marijuana out here.

Alanna Snare was all bull, no oyster.

Shelby Tweten is this year's James Durbin with her bipolar disorder. She sounds a bit like Lauren Alaina.

Jairon Jackson is good, but hard to judge singing his own song.

Angie Zeiderman is very entertaining. If only she didn't have that 40-something-librarian face.

Magic Cyclops let me switch channels sooner.

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  1. It seems Tealana Hedgespeth convinced her more talented twin not to audition so that she (Tealana) could have the spotlight. Then she didn't make it, yet her twin likely would have. Just shows the consequences of an inferiority complex.


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