Thursday, January 26, 2012

Season 11 Week 2 Thursday Reactions

Phong Vu should stick to pho and kung fu.

Skylar Laine looks like a composite of past Idol girls, but might sound too country. We'll see.

Baylie Brown should be tough enough now to beat up the Jersey girls, although I don't think there will be any. Glad to see her back. Here is her Season 6 audition where Simon called her a record label's dream: Watch Here.

Kristine Osorio vocally reminds me a bit of Crystal Bowersox. Linda Williams was just noisy. Alejandro Cazares' revoultion needs a better speech writer.

Cortez Shaw's take on "Someone Like You" was annoying. I think Adele would puke.

Ramiro Garcia's story is inspirational and he can minister, but I'm not sure he can really sing.

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  1. Oh yeah, Bailey Brown is back. I was really angry with those Jersey girls back in Season 6. But they are gone, and Bailey is back.


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