Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Season 11 Girls Top 12 Reactions

1. Jessica Sanchez
2. Jen Hirsh
3. Hollie Cavanagh
4. Shannon Magrane
5. Hallie Day
6. Chelsea Sorrell
7. Baylie Brown
8. Haley Johnsen
9. Elise Testone
10. Erika Van Pelt
11. Skylar Laine
12. Brielle Von Hugel


Chelsea Sorrell. Solid, good voice. A bit pinched on the high end. I wonder if she can hit high notes.

Erika Van Pelt. Same problem I've heard before, that her voice is kind of stuck in her chest somewhere.

Jen Hirsh. A bit disappointing as I know she's skilled. Finesse girls should skip Adele. But she gets points for doing stuff.

Brielle Von Hugel. And they couldn't find a black girl instead of this? Really?

Hallie Day. Surprisingly sultry tone, but couldn't quite take it to another level. Maybe she should try Blondie. Or be an actress like Kathleen Turner.

Skylar Laine. Just doesn't have much of a voice. Too small and shallow.

Baylie Brown. Oh my. Beauty Pageant version. Disappointing. I'm voting for her anyway. So there.

Hollie Cavanagh. Not everything is big in Texas. Hollie is a tiny blonde. Trouble in the lower notes, but then did some really good belting for a little girl. Vote for the Liverpool accent as well.

Haley Johnsen. Is a better gymnast than a singer. Belongs in a Viking movie.

Shannon Magrane. Well, she's tall. She puts a lot into her singing. She's pretty good.

Jessica Sanchez. Little Filipina-Hispanic girl singing like a black girl. What's going on? But what is that song for a 16-year-old? I don't know. I prefer the sweet innocence of Filipina Thia Megia.

Elise Testone. I've just never liked her voice. I still don't.

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