Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Season 12 Week 4 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 4 Wednesday - Hollywood Week I

20 guys, 20 girls will make it through.

Guys this week.

Line of 10 guys.
Micah Johnson (tonsil man) yes.
4 through total.

Nate Tao yes.
Gabe Brown yes.
Gurpreet Singh Sarin (turban man) yes.

Karl Skinner no.
Dustin Watts (fireman!) no.
Calvin Peters (doctor!) no.

Cortez Shaw - conflict (Nicki hates), yes.

Curtis Finch, Jr. (gospel man) - yes.
Frankie Ford - yes.

Lazaro Arbos (stammer man) - should just shut up and sing, wastes too much time. yes.

Trevor Blankney - yes.
Bryant Tadeo - yes.
Charles Allen - yes.

Brian Rittenberry (fatman) - split, no.

Groups up next.

Groups picked by producers. Something I've been suggesting for years, ending the fake drama of wandering contestants.

List of 20 songs available.

But producers seem to have picked some groups for the sake of comedy. And hey, instant drama. Clap, clap, clap.

First group:
Nick Boddington
Manthenee Treco
Matheus Fernandes (shortman)
Gabe Brown (big rocker)
All yes.

Next group:
Johnny Keyser - forgets lyrics, yes anyway.
Kareem Clark - no.
Other two yes.

Next group:
Curtis Finch, Jr. (mean guy)
Charlie Askew (misfit)
Other guy
All yes.

Next group:
Micah Johnson
Marvin Calderon
David Willis
Other guy
All yes.

Next group:
Zach Birnbaum
Nate Tao
Cortez Shaw
Elijah Liu
All yes.

Epidemic of lost lyrics:
Bad group.
Bad group - two through.
Bad group - all four through (incl turban man).

This shows the advantage of knowing how to speak in tongues.

Bad group:
Jason Jones
Dan Wood
Jessie Lawrence
Other guy
No to all.

Acapella group:
Devan Jones - yes.
Devin Valez - yes.
Adrian - yes.
Other guy - no.

Next group:
Tony Foster, Jr. - yes.
Mario Jose - no.
Burnell Taylor - yes.
Darien Moses - no.

Next group:
Josh Stephens - no.
Scott Fleenor - no.
Christian Lopez - yes.
Lazaro Arbos - yes.

Unfair. The guys should have left Lazaro and his dumb stammer act out in the cold.

Comedy group:
Lee Pritchard - no.
JDA (tranny) - yes.
Joel Wayman - yes.
Trevor Blakney (sarge) - no.

Next group:
David Leathers (repeat) - yes.
Kevin Quinn - no.
Kayden Stephenson (the kid) - no.
Sanni M'Mairura - yes.

Last group:
Papa Peachez - yes, barely.
Adam Sanders - yes.
Frankie Ford - unstable, no.
Charles Allen - yes.

Even with producer-picked groups, groups still accomplish nothing in terms of finding the next American Idol. They're just an idiotic waste of time.

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