Thursday, February 28, 2013

Season 12 Week 7 Thursday Reactions

Season 12 Week 7 Thursday - Vegas IV

Last 10 Guys.

Mathenee Treco - Bahamas. Song & Dance. Good, but somehow not compelling.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin - Indian Sikh. Yellow. Lazy. Didn't go anywhere.

Vincent Holiday - Funny looking. Old looking. Backup singer. But can sing. How unfortunate. Get a toupee.

Nick Boddington - Very high voice. Skilled. Smooth. Good.

Josh Holiday - Cattle farm. Original song. Skilled. Not bad.

David Oliver Willis - Foster home. Very plain.

Bryant Tadeo - Filipino from Hawaii. So why a New York state of mind? Big mistake.

Burnell Taylor - Lost 40 pounds. Sounded interesting at first. Then fizzled a bit.

Lazaro Arbos - Keith Urban song. Struggling a bit.

Cortez Shaw - High voice. Very good.


David - No.
Bryant - No. No Filipino guy has ever made the Top 10.
Vincent - Yes.
Mathenee - No.
Lazaro - Yes. Boo.
Cortez - Yes.
Josh - No.
Burnell - Yes.

Nick vs Gurpreet? Gurpreet is lame. Gurpreet No, Nick Yes.

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