Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Season 12 Week 7 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 7 Wednesday - Vegas III

10 more girls.

Melinda Ademi - Beat by Thia Megia last time. Purple thighs. Good enough.

Candice Glover - Beat by Jessica and Deandre last time. Good.

Juliana Chahayed - 15. Very live mic. Pretty, but weak. Too much baby.

Jett Hermano - Another Filipino. Piano. Good.

Cristabel Clack - 29. Three kids. Seemed to run out of gas and overcompensated.

Aubrey Cleland - Pretty. Good, but thin. Looks good, though.

Rachel Hale - Smiley is back. Okay.

Breanna Steer - Not distinctive enough.

Janelle Aurthur - Kind of blah, just sat there. Lady Antebellum. No wonder. Hillary Scott is an Idol reject.

Zoanette Johnson - Liberian. Well, she's good for that one song. Only.


This was a fairly unimpressive group.

Zoanette - Yes. Gag.
Melinda Ademi - No. Boo.
Juliana Chahayed - No. Young.
Aubrey Cleland - Yes.
Cristabel Clack - No. Old.
Candice Glover - Yes. Duh.
Jett Hermano - No.
Breanna Steer - Yes.

Rachel vs Janelle: Rachel No, Janelle Yes.

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