Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Season 12 Week 5 Wednesday Reactions

Season 12 Week 5 Wednesday - Hollywood Week III

Girls this week.

Lines of 10.

Mariah Pulice - Not bad.

Angela Miller - Good. Skilled.

Victoria Acosta - Still loud mariachi style.

Angela, Victoria - yes.

Mariah - no.

Ashley Smith,
Ann Difani (Miss UofA),
Sarah - no.

Rachel Hale (country joy girl) - Good.

Janelle Arthur (country girl) - Strong.

Janelle, Rachel - yes.

Candice Glover (big) - Big.

Megan Miller (crutches girl) - Okay.

Candice, two others - yes.

Megan - no.

Isabelle - Great. yes.

Kez Ban (nut) - Howl.

Briana Oakley - Good.

Whole line of 4 - yes.

Ashlee, Melinda - yes.

Dumb Groups coming up.

Kez Ban a problem immediately. Surprise. But a good song.

Zoanette Johnson a problem. Surprise.

Candice group -
Kamaria Ousley,
Melinda Ademi,
Candice Glover,
Denise Jackson -
yes to all.

Boots group -
Morgan Leigh Boberg,
Lauren Mink,
Brandy Hotard,
Other -
yes to all.

Savannah Votion,
Liz Weiss,
Daysia Hall,
J'Leigh Chauvin -

Daysia - yes.
Others - no. Should have been all no.

Drama group -
Kriss Mincey,
Janel (nutcase) Stinney,
Cristabel Clack,
Other ("whistle tone girl") -
all yes.

Shubha Vedula,
Aubrey Cleland -
missed it, maybe it was Shubha yes.

Seretha Guinn,
Tenna Torres,
Kiara Lanier,
Other -

Seretha - no.
Others - yes.

Zoanette group -
Erin Christine,
Zoanette Johnson,
Lauren Bettes,
Isabelle -

Lauren - no.
Others - yes.
Zoanette is hideous.

Hopeless group -
Wandering lost member (Liz) -
Shira Gavrielov,
Alisha Dixon,
Liz Bills,
Courtney Calle -

Liz - yes,
Others - no.
It pays to be nuts.

Porcelain doll group -
Morning song change -
Stephanie Schimal (doll),
Alex Delaney,
Kalli Therinae,
Holly Miller -

Stephanie, Holly - yes.
Others - no.

Hand writing epidemic.

Breakdown group -
Britnee Kellogg,
Kree Harrison,
Brandy Neelly,
Haley Davis (hand job) -

Britnee - yes.

Brandy - no? Very odd choices.

Kez group -
Kez Ban (nuts),
Breanna Steer,
Angela Miller,
Janelle Arthur -
yes to all.

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