Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday-Wednesday Miscellany

  • USA Today's Idol Chatter has the SoundScan numbers up. Scotty's album is up to 681K total.
  • Hits Daily Double has its estimates in. Scotty's album picks up a big 54K, Daughtry 35K, and Kelly 22.8K. Lauren and James did not make the cut of 21.9K.
  • Not much going on in the Idol world. The big stories are the LA Lakers soap opera and the Denver Bronco's Tim Tebow. Tebow is seen by many as touched by God, allowing him to do miraculous things in the fourth quarter to win the game. Let me explain Tim Tebow. First, the quarterback you see in the fourth quarter is the real Tim Tebow. He just hasn't figured out how to do it in the first three quarters. Secondly, the team is on a lucky streak. It happens in sports, it happens in life.


  1. Tim Tebow is a distant cousin of Jesus.

  2. I'm not seeing Haley-Casey's duet this week. It was up to 25K last week. Maybe it's done already.


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