Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday-Wednesday Miscellany

  • This LA Times article waxes poetic about the cloud in computing, but misses the point about how simple it really is. Read Here
  • Hits Daily Double has its estimates in. Scotty's album picks up a big 66.8K, Daughtry 38.9K, and Kelly 27.5K. Lauren and James did not make the cut of 22.6K. The numbers for Scotty, Daughtry and Kelly all beat last week.
  • This People article says Hugh Hefner had mix feelings about Lindsay Lohan doing Playboy. Read Here
  • Steven Tyler talks about Idol vs X Factor. Read Here
  • Matt Giraud will perform Friday at an undisclosed location? Read Here
  • Check out this extravagant upcoming New Year's bash which includes some Idols like Melinda Doolittle. Read Here
  • USA Today's Idol Chatter has the SoundScan numbers up. Scotty's album is up to 748K total, Kelly 385K, Daughtry 241K, Lauren 196K, James 57K.


  1. Tebow got beat by Brady. Does that mean that Jesus likes Brady better?

  2. Acutally, Jesus has Michael Vick on his fantasy team.

  3. Matt Giraud must be senile too.


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