Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday-Weekend Miscellany

  • Taylor Swift's CoverGirl ad pulled due to "Excessive Photoshopping." Read Here
  • Adam Lambert arrested in Finland! Read Here
  • Scotty McCreery goes tarp surfing. Watch Here
  • Melanie Amaro has won the inaugural X Factor. Read Here. I find her to be a cross between Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks. However, I don't find her to be particularly compelling.
  • Thia Megia performing at a 49ers halftime. Watch Here
  • Thia Megia's "One Day" single from the soundtrack of the animated movie "Quest for Zhu." Watch Here


  1. It's nice to see we now have Photoshop police.

  2. I hope Adam doesn't fight like a girl.

  3. Simon Cowell has no chance to get back the $5 million he just gave Melanie Amaro.

  4. Thia Megia follows in the footsteps of filipina Lea Salonga by recording for a soundtrack, even though it's a little movie that went direct to DVD. Still, it's something. Lea did "Alladin" and "Mulan."


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