Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday-Friday Miscellany

  • Richard Rushfield says X Factor is much better than American Idol! Read Here
  • MTV's Gil Kaufman also thinks you should be watching X Factor! Read Here
  • Siobhan Magnus at a Christmas lighting in Boston:
  • Blast Magazine has an article on Siobhan. Read Here
  • Hanson (Siobhan's fave) will have an MMMHop Beer! Read Here


  1. Boo! X Factor is boring. Richard Rushfield is nuts.

  2. Odd to see two favorable articles on X Factor come out at the same time. Hmmm ....

  3. Look at Siobhan Magnus. What's on her ears. Oh my. She's showing her more classical voice on the first song. I've always said she could be Sarah Brightman if she wanted.


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