Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Season 11 Week 3 Wednesday Reactions

From Portland, Oregon

Brittany Zika almost succumbed to gravity walking in, but showed an interesting pop-with-country tone.

Ben Purdom was pitchy in more ways than one, grossed us out in more ways than one, and should have stayed home.

Jermaine Jones is about the same height as Magic Johnson, but did not have magic pipes. I guess he's worth another look, however.

Britnee Kellog, who looks a little like Britney Spears, is pretty dumb not to understand what basketball players are like, but she's got a good smokey voice.

Sam Gershman, even though she was too Broadway, should have been given another chance at Hollywood. Or they should have at least asked her to sing a different song.

David Weed has a perfect name for Portland, but his singing wasn't worth a small fries.

Romeo Diahn sounds a bit like Andrew Garcia. Naomi Gillies sounds like a real singer.

Ben Harrison looks like Bob's Big Boy's little blond brother. But it looks like he never matured past the crib.

Jessica Phillips reminds me a bit of Natalie Cole. But going for Idol is kind of a way for her to run away from her stricken bo.

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