Friday, April 20, 2012

Colton Dixon Conspiracy Theory

Colton Dixon voted off at #7 on Season 11.

Conspiracy Theory.

It's hard to come up with a conspiracy theory for Colton Dixon when he was sitting at the bottom of DialIdol. Even though voters have other ways to vote, it's still a dangerous place to be. But I'll offer a theory anyway.

The conspiracy theory is simply based on this: Discord between Colton and American Idol.

There were reports many weeks ago about Idol asking Colton to downplay his Christianity, yet Colton did not hide the fact that he wants to be a Christian artist. Thus there may have been an ongoing struggle behind the scenes between Colton and Idol over song choice.

Colton may have become increasingly agitated with Idol over the issue, which culminated in his "I don't care" proclamation over the judges' critiques.

We also have Jimmy Iovine one day telling us about Colton's solid female voting bloc, then trashing his performance the very next day, as if to set up his ouster.

That's pretty much it. Colton wanted out, so Idol let him go.

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