Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Season 11 Top 6 Performance Reactions

1. Jessica Sanchez
2. Elise Testone
3. Phillip Phillips
4. Joshua Ledet
5. Skylar Laine
6. Hollie Cavanagh


Group Queen Medley. Time filler.

*Round 1:

Jessica Sanchez. A nice girly version of the song.

Skylar Laine. Good verses, but not enough voice for the big parts.

Joshua Ledet. Mic looks like a hair dryer. Fine job.

Elise Testone. Extra points for the tambourine? Good song for her voice.

Phillip Phillips. Bucky Covington's exit song. Not much you can do with it.

Hollie Cavanagh. Really good on the verses. But didn't take it anywhere.

*Round 2:

Jessica Sanchez. I never liked that song before, until she sang it.

Skylar Laine. Good, but what's there to judge?

Joshua Ledet. Nice job, but his voice is not quite smooth enough for a song like that.

Elise Testone. Interesting. Not bad.

Phillip Phillips. Totally bizarre. Great.

Hollie Cavanagh. Nice job, but you know, it's "The Climb."


Only Phillip moved up after the second round because I like the bizarre stuff.

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