Thursday, April 12, 2012

Season 11 Top 7 Elimination Reactions

Group number.

Hollie Cavanagh. Left side. Our left.
Jessica Sanchez. Right side.

Wonderful, a Nigel game.

James Durbin performs. Odd little mic.

Phillip Phillips. Joins Hollie.
Elise Testone. Joins Jessica.

Meaning Jessica is in the Bottom Three.

Jennifer Hudson performs.

Joshua Ledet. Joins Jessica.
Colton Dixon. Joins Hollie.

Skylar. Safe. Refuses to pick group. Put with Hollie.

Joshua, Elise, Jessica Bottom Three.

Joshua. Safe.

Elise. Safe.

Jessica out. Why bother? Saved by Judges' coup.

Jessica needs to dumb it down and sing songs geared towards an unsophisticated audience.

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