Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Season 11 Top 7 Performance Reactions

1. Jessica Sanchez
2. Phillip Phillips
3. Joshua Ledet
4. Colton Dixon
5. Skylar Laine
6. Hollie Cavanagh
7. Elise Testone


Skylar Laine. I just hate it when a little girl holds a big guitar. It hides her, it's distracting, and it affects her breathing, which is always a problem for her anyway.

Colton Dixon. He doesn't do the falsetto switch nearly as well as DeAndre. Nice otherwise.

Elise, Phillip duet. Time filler.

Jessica Sanchez. I swear she must have black blood. Young Filipinas generally can't sing stuff like that.

Joshua Ledet. Not quite right for his voice, or maybe his mic was not set up quite right. Still good, though.

Colton, Skylar duet. Time filler.

Hollie Cavanagh. Holliepops. Sounds good. But the singing was ponderous, and her elephantine delivery didn't fit the acoustic guitar.

Phillip Phillips. This was good Phillip stuff.

Holle, Jessica, Joshua trio. Time filler.

Elise Testone. Not good. Very unpleasant.

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