Thursday, April 26, 2012

Season 11 Top 6 Elimination Reactions

58 million votes.

Queen Extravaganza perform.

TMZ session.

Jessica Sanchez. Top 3.
Elise Testone. Bottom 3.

Bushy Casey Abrams visits.

Stefano Langone performs.

Hollie Cavanagh. Bottom 3.
Joshua Ledet. Top 3.

Katy Perry performs.

Skylar Laine. Bottom 3.
Phillip Phillips. Top 3.

Skylar safe.

Elise out.
Hollie safe.

Elise is like a rockfish, a bottom dweller. But a few weeks ago she suddenly toned down her grating rasp, and I actually started to like her. She got what she wanted out of Idol, and that is exposure. Now it will be much easier for her and her band to get good gigs. That's assuming Jimmy doesn't sign her.

*Update: I'm wondering if Jimmy just set Phillip up for an earlier than expected exit. Jimmy was talking about Phillip's illness, his struggles, his lack of energy, and how that left an opening for someone else to be in the finale. Look for Phillip to be "voted off" before the finale to ensure that Idol's embarrassing string of wgwg winners finally ends. But don't think he actually had less votes.

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