Sunday, April 1, 2012

Elise's "Whole Lotta Love" Overrated

Elise Testone's "Whole Lotta Love" performance appears to have become the most overrated performance in Idol history. I will explain, in simple analytical terms, why it is so overrated.

It comes down to this: Degree of Difficulty. Elise is singing the song in the original key. For a guy, it's very high, but for a girl, it's very comfortable. No strain, no danger. All Elise has to do is sing the song in her normal loud, rough voice, and it's done. Easy, like a walk in the park.

Compare that to the vocal mine field Jessica had to navigate through, which she did with skill beyond her years, and there's no way Elise's performance should be rated above Jessica's. No way.

And what about Adam Lambert. Adam creates his rock voice. He adds tension, sneer and extended vocal range. If you watch his performance from Season 8, he's working very hard. No walk in the park for him. So there's no way Elise's pedestrian version should be rated above Adam. No way.

This is why Elise Testone's "Whole Lotta Love" has become a whole lotta overrated.

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