Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Season 11 Guys Top 13 Reactions

1. Phillip Phillips
2. Deandre Brackensick
3. Heejun Han
4. Joshua Ledet
5. Jeremy Rosado
6. Colton Dixon
7. Reed Grimm
8. Aaron Marcellus
9. Chase Likens
10. Creighton Fraker
11. Eben Franckewitz
12. Jermaine Jones
13. Adam Brock


Reed Grimm, Cheesehead. Nice jazzy interpretation, poor execution.

Adam Brock, Master of None. Didn't Think about his song choice. Awful.

Deandre Brackensick. What were his Reasons to choose that song. He has a great falsetto with great range, but Phillip Bailey was a bit out of his league. Still, a good try.

Colton Dixon. Not bad, but underpowered for that kind of song.

Jeremy Rosadao. Nothing to sneeze at. Very nice, but needs a little more power.

Aaron Marcellus' set was so dark, I could hardly see him. I'm also in the dark as to why Jennifer championed him.

Chase Likens didn't give me a reason to like him. A storm with no thunder.

Creighton Fraker has an annoying voice, speaking and singing. The judges must be deaf to have included him. He is skilled, no doubt, but what does it matter if there's not a voice to go with it.

Phillip Phillips can really deliver on his interpretations. Definitely a Pawn Star.

Eben Franckewitz is too young and weak to be singing Adele. And he's the fourth guy to sing a girl song.

Heejun Han shouldn't be able to sing like that, but somehow he does. He is Korean, by the way. Pool Boy Paul Kim from Season 6 was also Korean.

Joshua Ledet can raise the roof, no doubt, but if you don't like that style and the harsh quality of his voice, it's hard to judge.

Talk about a huge mistake AGAIN. Johnny Keyser has enough talent to win Idol. I wonder what he did to tick them off.

Jermaine Jones was not worth bringing back.

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  1. DialIdol.com is showing JERMAINE JONES as the ONE AND ONLY contestant in Green and Safe. The voters must be totally nuts.


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