Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Season 11 Hollywood Week Part 1 Reactions

Nice job using the stage fall the entire show to keep us interested. Wonderful.

Johnny Keyser is too good. Send him home.

Heejun did Michael Bolton AGAIN. Oh well, good enough.

Elise Testone sounds like she's got some testosterone.

Baylie Brown needs to stay on. We need the pretty.

Hallie Day was kind of superfluous given the other two.

Jen Hirsh was just competent for me.

Lauren Gray is loud, rough and scary and could the best rocker girl ever from Idol.

Phillip Phillips was too tight. Can he sing any other style? He needs to do better to challenge that cocky Johnny Keyser.

Reed Grimm was annoying, like he belongs in a circus.

Travis Orlando did good enough to advance. Maybe there was something else going on with him.

Adam Brock kind of reminds me of lower-voiced Danny Gokey.

The joke was on Jane Carrey, but she doesn't need Idol.

Shannon Magrane gave me a migraine. Send her through, though.

David Leathers is too freaky for me. Almost a man, still a boy, singing like a girl. Send him home.

Jessica Phillips needs to be more than just another stereotypical black girl singer.

Erika Van Pelt is still, like, swallowing her notes.

Ceighton Fraker is still too thin for me, voice and all. Send him home.

Aaron Marcellus takes over for Jacob Lusk.

Girls like Lauren Mink should avoid "Alone" unless they can really bring it, which she can't.

Jeremy Rosado takes over for Stephano.

Symone Black's stage dad picked a lame song, but she's got a really good voice, then she fell off the stage to provide a rough segue to the next show. Nice.

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