Thursday, February 2, 2012

Season 11 Week 3 Thursday Reactions

From St. Louis

Johnny Keyser didn't impress me as much as he did the judges, but I'll wait to hear him on stage. It's just that his voice started off so high, he was singing in girl range. But then, so was Adam Lambert.

Rachelle Lamb's got a kind of nasty demeanor, and a nasty look, but has a nasty good voice to match.

Reis Kloeckener was smooth, silky and ready to beat down the competition.

Ethan Jones needs to cut his fingernails after his bout with self mutilation. But he's got the DNA for music and trouble.

I was a big fan of Madonna back in the day, but she's kinda old now. Older than me.

Mark Ingram is a human report generator, but sounded like he ate paper before auditioning.

Lauren Gray, another girl with a rocker dad, like Haley Reinhart and Siobhan Magnus, has a powerhouse voice, but it's coming from an odd place, like a ventriloquist.

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