Thursday, February 16, 2012

Season 11 Hollywood Week Part 4 Reactions

From Las Vegas.

More groups? Who cares about harmonies?

Send the kids through, fine with me. And the eccentric girl (Angie) barely makes it through, but how long can she last?

The problem with groups is you can't really tell how they really sing when they're singing short fast parts. But the Reed Grimm group had longer solos, which is the right way to do it.

Richie Law and Jermaine Jones formed an odd outcast duo. Ebony and Ivory on the left side of the piano. And both got through.

Bailey Brown from Season 6 has gotten farther than last time, but is she strong enough to make it to the voting?

Filipina Ashley Robles was cut, but half-Filipina Jessica Sanchez got through.

The four guys in black were kind of indistinguishable from each other. Great for a group, but terrible if you're trying to form an identity with the audience.

I have this recurring image of Shannon Magrane on the Idol summer tour already. I don't think she's so great, but I think she'll get votes.

The girl group in purple I thought all would be cut, but two made it through. Yet I liked the one who was cut better than the two who made it.

Lauren Gray showed she can actually sing tender, kind of. I would have cut both her two friends.

Phillip Phillips still growled on a smooth song, but at least he dialed it back. Heejun Han, however awkward he is, is the best Asian guy ever on the show.

The Jen Hirsh crew did it wrong, too much harmony, short solos.

Angie gone already (see above).

Favorite Jonny Keyser gone already. Huge mistake. Head over to X Factor.

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