Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Season 11 Hollywood Week Part 3 Reactions

So many contestants said Group Day sucks, and they're right. It sucks. It's cheap, lame and worst of all, it accomplishes nothing. It seems Idol spent a lot of money on emergency services that would have been better spent on helping to create and manage the groups. If Idol cannot take the groups seriously, how can we? We saw, like last year, parent-managed groups doing better.

Cop Girl is gone, Barf Boy is gone, Tent Girl is gone, Stage-fall Girl is gone, Expectant-father is gone.

And you could see the extreme difference once they moved on from Group Day after the first hour how senseless Group Day is.

MIT "Most Irrational Team" did everything they could to shoot themselves in the head, yet they all made it through, and rightfully so. I guess Heejun Han, when he was apologizing, did not notice Richie Law extending his hand, or maybe Heejun kept his hands firmly behind his back on purpose to signify a b.s. apology.

Favorite Johnny Keyser put himself at serious risk with his loser group, but made it through, alone.


Solo Day:

Joshua Ledet was great but could use a little better upper register.

Colton Dixon is compelling but underpowered.

Phillip Phillips "kidney stones" singing in pain again. He's got to show some other style.

Jen Hirsh has a lot going for her, but is also underpowered.

Creighton Fraker is too thin in every way. Highly skilled, but send him home.

Shannon Magrane tries really hard for a tall skinny white girl, so send her through to the summer tour.

Grimm Reed got to breathe some rare cleansed Hollywood air, but it didn't clear his head. Hiding behind the drums was the solution? Moron. But he did surprisingly well.

Skylar Laine is too country. So is Rachelle Lamb. But I'll take Rachelle because country needs life experience.

Adam Brock has too much gravel. Makes me want to dump him.



Room 1 - Saved. Lauren Gray, Adam Brock, Joshua Ledet.
Room 2 - Saved. Phillip Phillips.
Room 3 - Knew they were in the wrong room.
Room 4 - Saved. Heejun Han, Bailey Brown.

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